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 Want to fight another clan? read this.

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PostSubject: Want to fight another clan? read this.   Tue Jun 29, 2010 7:00 pm

Is your clan and another about to get into a war? Want to earn better respect and honor in the process? then follow these!

Want your fight to be official? then pm me (mari juana) or mike and we'll announce that a clan war is starting soon and witch clan is fighting witch and what game type, then one or both of us will watch and announce the winning clan! and then get your clan posted as the dominating clan!

Depending on what kind of battle your doing, go along with it and have fun.
1 . LAST MAN STANDING- this battle type is a death match sort of game. you only get one life, if your downed you can't just hope back into the fight hoping to not get noticed. If you die, just stay at one location that your clan leader assigns (such as ::wc ::hunting ::slayertower or wherever it might be) The last two people standing fight it out and whoever wins, wins the fight!

2. DEATH MATCH- For this battle, you just fight until the other clan quits. no set amount of lives, and you can join back into the fight. no rules.

3. SEARCH AND DESTROY- On this one the clan leaders from both teams will find a hiding spot within two boundaries and the rest of the clan will have to protect their leader. first clan to kill the other clans leader wins!

Clan wars can be held anywhere in the wilderness or bounty hunter, and at anytime. If you want it to be official and your clan to have a higher dominate ranking then contact any mod(s)/admin(s) that would be willing to watch it and have them post the scores into the clan rankings thread.

Again, just have with it(: and goodluck to you all!

-Mari juana
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Want to fight another clan? read this.
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