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 Clan ranking's

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PostSubject: Clan ranking's   Tue Jun 29, 2010 7:09 pm

Here's the Ranking's for the highest dominate clan in fallenscape!

(clan ranking are based off a point system, if a clan ranked 5th beat the 2nd highest clan, they would gain a total of +3 points. the more points your clan earns the higher the ranking. The only way to gain points is for your clan to win official clan battle's. To make your clan battle official, before the start of it, contact any mod(s) or admin(s) to watch it and have them post the results here).

Most dominate clan's:

clan recruitment link:

clan recruitment link:

clan recruitment link:

next highest ranking clan's:

clan recruitment link:

clan recruitment link:

clan recruitment link:

-Mari juana

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Clan ranking's
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