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 WWW.Dumpspinonline.ru SELL DUMPS,TRACK 1/2 (With/Without Pin

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PostSubject: WWW.Dumpspinonline.ru SELL DUMPS,TRACK 1/2 (With/Without Pin   Wed Oct 12, 2016 2:01 am

ICQ:663194705 SELL DUMPS,TRACK 1/2 (With/Without Pin)/Track 1&2 Shop/Best Dumps/Dumps free

********Vaild 90% To 100% Balance In Dumps More Minimum $3500 / Replace Dumps / Refund Money If Bad*********

>>SELL DUMPS,TRACK 1/2 (With/Without Pin)/Track 1&2 Shop/Best Dumps/Dumps free

-- Types dumps:visa,master,amex,discoveri gold,master standert,platinum,business card,cooperatione card,american,express,debit card
-- Dumps all countries for sale:USA,UK,CA,AU,EU,ASIA...

>>About DUMPS+PIN:

-- We offer high quality fresh Skimmer Dumps for sale both Track1 and Track2 with pin
-- My products include but not limited to Visa,Mc,Amex,Chase,Etc.All dumps are first hand we do not resale dumps
-- Providing the highest approval rates good qulity of Dumps from USA,UK,CA,AU,EU,ASIA,for 2 years
-- About 2 years ago we started good with 1 new directione:skimmer.As u know the most effective way the make money in carding user Dumps+Pin at an ATM to get cash immediately
-- Limits in ATM are much more higher than in usual dumps using(as usual it even doesn't have any limitations, so u can get all money which are avaitable on balance)

>>Why Sell Dumps With Pin:

-- We independently cash all dumps with balance of more than 10,000 euro,all other card we sell,to avoid the risk of bening caught.
-- Cause my professional Skimmers and POS terminal provide a lot so i sell them.


-- We do not negotiate of sent test and do not waste out time if do u not have any money
-- We are legit and honest Dumps seller of all my prices are final
-- We check the balance on the dumps,so u never get a balance of less than 2000.Even if 1dumps well be dead.we guarantee to exchange it to live dumps for free. This option available only 24hours after we sent u Dumps
-- We don't play game When i do business and if u try an do unfair business we'll stop at once.
-- If u dont know what exactly this kind of products are or how to used them,we advice you to forget about this business,its not for kids or amateur hacker.


-- Dumps with Pin,we only sell a minimum order 3pcs
-- Dumps without Pin,we only sell a minimum order 5pcs
-- All customers note we are the big seller here
-- Buy 5pcs Dumps with Pin get 1 free
-- Buy 10pcs Dumps without Pin get 2 free

****Dumps Pin Track 101/201 Dumps - 98% to 100% validity!!
****I'm work online 24/7
****Sell fullz dumps with pin High balance and Valid
****Easy Replacement Accept Payments Bitcoins, webmoney, moneygram and Western Union
****Update more Dumps have All Country good and fresh
****Price low if order payment westernu union and money gram Min $300
****Have Good Base and vaild rate 95% bulk dumps with Pin and code 101,110,201,210,220 and more Country


-- MSR 206 +2x CRM41=700$
-- MSR 206 +2x CRM41=600$
-- MSR 206 +2x MSR 500m (mini123)=650$
-- MSR 206 +2x MSR 400=750$
-- MSR 206/MSR 300=450$
-- MSR 206/MSR 3000=650$
-- MSR 505/ TA-48=500$
-- MSR 505/MSR 300=500$
-- MSR 505/MSR 2000=550$

>>Some Sample Dumps Track 1/2 (With/Without) Pin:

-- Dumps+Pin(US)
%Track1 :B4784559000586171^andrew/mayerbach^150310100000000000003343300003700000000
%Track2 : 4784559000586171=15031010003343300003700
ATM Pin : 5241

-- Dumps+Pin(China)
%Track1 B4067701731557109^Wei-Chun/Chang^19011014045400000988000000
%Track2 : 4067701731557109=19011014045400988000
ATM Pin 2405

-- Dumps+Pin(Japan)
%Track1 B4541148282107007^Mamiko/Kobayashi^25072100000000000221000000
%Track2 : 4541148282107007=2507210000000221000
ATM Pin : 5447

-- Dumps+Pin(Turkey)
%Track1 :B4155650149958727^FATIH/GUCER^17101103410400000211000000
%Track2 : 4155650149958727=17101103410400211000
ATM Pin :9889

-- Dumps+Pin(INDIA)
ATM PIN:5628

-- Dumps+Pin(BRAZIL)
ATM PIN:5778

-- Dumps+Pin(INDONESIA)
ATM PIN:7252

-- Dumps+Pin(HUNGARY)
ATM PIN:1027

ATM PIN:2405

-- Dumps+Pin(Canada)
%Track1 :B4530920124710013^Bibliotheque^17032206128000000547000000
%Track2 : 4530920124710013=17032206128000547000
ATM Pin : 3377

ATM PIN:1050

-- Dumps+Pin(Australia)
%Track1 : B4072209014479002^Priya/Selva-Nayagam^18082010000000000112000000
%Track2 :4072209014479002=18082010000000112000
ATM Pin : 5081

-- Dumps+Pin(France)
%Track1 :B4974903419054100^guihard/pascal^18021104400000000091000000
%Track2 : 4974903419054100=18021104400000091000
ATM Pin :0004

-- Dumps+Pin(ECUADOR)
ATM PIN:2267

-- Dumps+Pin(Pakistan)
ATM PIN:7100

ATM PIN:5371

-- Dumps+Pin(South Africa)
%Track1 :B5221182034692226^Western/Cape^15011010000000000549000000
%Track2 : 5221182034692226=15011010000000549000
ATM Pin :7463

-- Dumps+Pin(HONG KONG)
%B4009750000123060^ WAI-LUN/YIP^18091100000000000141000000;4009750000123060=18091100000000141000;
ATM PIN:2221

****All Dumps Good with 98% To 100% validity is updated daily print shop****

ICQ: 663194705
Yahoo => selldumps_us
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WWW.Dumpspinonline.ru SELL DUMPS,TRACK 1/2 (With/Without Pin
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