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 I need some help please!

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PostSubject: I need some help please!   Tue Jul 20, 2010 12:32 pm

Okay so about three or four days ago I was in california about to go to the beach. When I got their we unpacked our car with all of our chairs, umbrella, and all that stuff. As my dad was about to lock up the car I went to throw my phone inside but got a text from a really good friend of mine, so I texted her back as I was walking to the beach and put my phone in my pocket. At the time I was going to just put into a bag with everyone else's phones but forgot to. So down at the beach we got all setup and what not and me and my two brothers went swimming in the ocean, actually me my two brothers and my phone that is. so after about a good 20 minutes i wiped the dirt on my hands off on my shorts and went right over my phone! So i quickly took it and ran to my mom and told her to take the battery out because her hands were dry. i let it dry in the sun the rest of the time and put it back together and tried to turn it on, it does turn on thank god, but the only thing that shows is a white screen and it says, "VERIZON WIRLESS DOWNLOADING... DON'T DISCONNECT!!". so i thought, well ill just leave it on and let it download. It's been on for almost two days straight and nothing has changed. Right now it's sitting in a bag of dry rice to absorb all the water inside. But i need help with is that, will the rice help? has this happened to, and did you fix? how did you fix it? what should I do? oh and i have a chocolate touch incase that helps. someone help meee!!

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I need some help please!
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