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 The owners middle manning

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PostSubject: The owners middle manning   Tue Jun 22, 2010 4:16 pm

Hello, and welcome to my Middle Man Services thread.

I'll be doing Middle Man for any members.

How everything will happen:

For Account buying: The user that is selling the account will send me the username and password via MSN, I will get on the account check that everything listed is their, change the password to something different(so the seller wont change it), then have the buyer send the money to the seller, once the seller gets it, i will then tell the buyer the user and password and have them change it.

For account trading: I will get on both accounts that are being traded and verify that everything is their, change the passwords(again so the owner dosnt change it), then tell the two the user name and password of the account they are getting.

For RS GP transferring: I will get on the sellers account to verify he/she has the GP, I will tell the buyer to send the money to the seller once he gets it, I will transfer the bought GP from the owners account to the buyer, then tell the seller to change his password.

For RS PIN's: The seller will give me the pin, the buy will give me the user and password, i will verify the pin is working, then i will tell the buyer to send the money to the seller, once he gets it I will redeem the pin and tell the buyer to change his password.

For Leveling/Goldfarming services: The buyer will give me username and password, I will change the password, then person doing the leveling will level the account to the wanted levels, I will verify then tell the buyer to send the money, once the leveler gets it, I will give the buyer the password and tell him/her to change the password.

My MSN: mari_juana_fs@hotmail.com


-Mari juana

I won't do that much of middle manning but if you ask i probably will for a vouch or donation.
here's a list of other really good and trusted middle man's:
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The owners middle manning
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